Welcome to the world’s first subscription club for discovering alcohol-free spirits! Pourwell is the perfect way to discover the world’s best alcohol-free spirits and become part of a fast-growing community of fellow NoLo explorers, all from the comfort of your own home. Being a member offers so much more than just picking up a bottle off the supermarket shelf – it’s a whole NoLo experience! 

How it Works

Every month, we send our members a different, surprise alcohol-free Spirit of the Month box through the post. Each box contains a full-sized bottle of a very special spirit, including world premieres, one-off or especially imported spirits. We also pair each bottle with the best mixers, cocktail ingredients and healthy treats. Each Spirit of the Month box is £39, and members have three frequencies to choose from: monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly. Joining Pourwell is commitment-free, as members can upgrade or downgrade frequency of delivery, and freeze or cancel their membership at any time. We also offer annual gift memberships, so that people can treat the NoLo explorers in their lives to a whole year of NoLo, also delivered monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. As well as enjoying their NoLo at home, our members love to chat to us and each other about it on our social media channels, sharing photos, experiences and tips. Come and join in the NoLo-versation on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! 

Our Story 

In 2020 our Chairman, Chris Holloman, decided to challenge himself to complete his first ever Ironman, an endurance race encompassing a 3.9k swim, 180k bike ride and a 42k run. He researched how to set himself up for success and started tracking how he trained, ate and slept. He made a few observations when it came to consuming alcohol in particular, learning that it is a:

1) Calorie bomb: there are more calories in alcohol than we think; one Long Island Iced Tea contains as many calories (750) as regular lunch or dinner for an adult.

2) Sleep disruptor: alcohol affects our sleep quality, either by making it harder to fall asleep, stay asleep or get enough deep sleep, meaning we wake up feeling fatigued. 

3) Energy thief: when your body is busy breaking down alcohol it can’t produce glucose, and glucose is the main source of energy we need whilst exercising.

Having been able to quantify the impact of his alcohol consumption for the first time, he looked into alternatives and discovered alcohol-free spirits, wine, beer and cider. Turns out, he wasn’t the only one. Boosted by a surging interest in health and wellness, non-alcoholic drinks are today the world fastest-growing category of drinks. There are currently over 250 brands and over 1,000 products, and new ones are being launched every month.

Whilst there has never been more choice, it’s never been harder for consumers to know where to start or discover what they might like. That’s why he decided to launch Pourwell, so everyone could pour more wellness!